My name is Jesse and I do nerd things for a living. I work remotely from North Carolina, where I live with my wife Miriam, our dog Baloo, and our 2 cats Leeloo and Jester.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I've been on the Internet since the early nineties. I started out with a BSDi 1.0 dialup shell using a test account that my brother "borrowed" from UUNet, where he worked as a Network Engineer.
  • I'v been writing and producing music for over two decades. Miraculously, it's still not good.
  • I love to study storytelling and I read screenplays for fun. This makes me insufferable to watch poorly written movies and television with.
  • I know how to read weather radar data and I can spot the conditions for tornados before the National Weather Service issues warnings for them. I'm a party animal.
  • I put an entertainment center together backwards one time and now I'm not allowed to assemble furniture anymore.